We offer advanced, high-value solutions to the Environmental and Construction sectors...

Referans stands at the forefront of global industrial service provision, delivering advanced, high-value solutions predominantly to the Oil & Gas, Energy, Power Generation, Process, Environmental, and Construction sectors. The Group has also established itself as a pivotal figure in producing equipment tailored to the Construction and Building market. HBK REFERANS’S comprehensive service offerings encompass a wide range of multidisciplinary services, including engineering, technical services, maintenance, access solutions, and specialized industry services.

The growth trajectory of HBK Referans has been marked by organic expansion and the strategic integration of numerous companies. These companies, each with their unique history and recognized expertise within their specific activity sectors and operational regions, have been seamlessly integrated into the HBK REFERANS framework. This integration has been meticulously managed to honor their distinct cultural and organizational identities.

Over time, HBK Referans has cultivated a distinctive culture rooted in a commitment to professionalism. This culture is further enriched by a deep-seated ethos of accountability. In its pursuit of sustainability and competitive edge, HBK Referans has adeptly balanced economic performance with the growth and well-being of its personnel, environmental stewardship, and a robust social and civic engagement. This balanced approach underscores HBK Referans’s dedication to not only leading in its industry but also contributing positively to society and the planet./