The fastest business of Turkey having highest performance on its sector

Referans Holding has laid its foundations in the retail and wholesale sector as a small family company in Anatolia in 1966 and it succeeded to become one of the main actors of the sector with its leading and innovative steps by moving to Istanbul in 1985.

We continue our 50-year journey by extending our work range by fighting against all troubles with our determination and love of work.

We have created our own expert team with awareness of the values we have and by knowing that these values are our identity.

With our experience of half century and our powerful, reliable and corporate structure, we are taking our steps towards being an active and strong actor in the international arena with our projects exceeding the limits like we do in the national arena for Turkey.

With the excitement of being a family...

    • We continue our way by not forgetting that we are a family... Like the day we were established.
    • We move by knowing the importance of communication in all sectors we are in.
    • We make projects that are appropriate with the modern age's requirements with our dynamical structure in the sector.
    • We carry the vision of these lands to the future with the employment we create.
    • We aim to be a permanent and active actor in the global economy with the investment we make in humans.