We, as a large family, are happy to overcome national and international projects successfully. In our business life, which we started as a small enterprise, we continue growing with our investments in humans under the light of scientific and technologic developments. We are stronger with help of our elders in the family, who share their knowledge and experience with us...

Considering today, I see that we have overcome the difficulties in our commercial life by working very hard without giving up. As REFERANS HOLDING, the contractor and solution partner of the projects which are the honors of Turkey, we are also honored to produce innovative, reliable and environmental projects.

We are continuing our way for becoming an effective and reliable partner in the international arena with the projects planned to be performed in countries and regions covering Europe, Middle East and Belorussia.

We look at the future with trust.

The world is the heritage of the future generations. We are aware that we should work harder for leaving them the best, the rightest and the safest environment. Therefore, we continue working without interruption and giving up.

The future is in our hands...